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Emily Wright
Seattle | United States

SDGC19 Speaker Emily Wright

Emily Wright Cascadia Consulting Group, Climate Resilience Designer

Emily Wright collaborates with communities to build climate resilience through justice- and healing-centered processes. She uses co-creation and mindful movement to collectively imagine and manifest new systems, and emphasizes communication and intentionality in her approaches. Emily holds secondary and advanced degrees in anthropology and geography with foundations in critical political ecology. She currently works through Cascadia Consulting Group based in Seattle, Washington.


Talk - together with Aran Baker

'Designing Our Future Today: Service Design at the Front Lines of Climate Resilience'


Climate change poses unprecedented challenges to our social and ecological systems, calling us to design the future world we need today. We will use case studies to demonstrate how service design is uniquely suited to tackle the complexity of the climate crisis and share examples of tools and methods designers can use for climate mitigation and adaptation. Regenerative, transformative, and justice-centered principles for designing for climate resilience will ground our conversation.

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