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Emily Cullen
London | United Kingdom

Hi everyone. I'm a Service Design Lead for Sparks Grove, which is an XD consultancy. We have global offices and I'm based in our London office. I focus on Customer Experience and Service Design.

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I'm attempting to climb Kilimanjaro in 2018 so and advice or encouragement much appreciated!

I'm passionate about understanding people and designing experiences that work for them - be it a new app or digital experience, or how people experience a space such as an airport. I like to look at the end-to-end and then gather insights that help us build a better service or experience for people.

Emily Cullen
Service Design Lead

Emily’s interest in Service Design

I focus on Customer Experience and Service Design, helping clients across industries tackle all kinds of experience design problems - such as redesigning the renewals experience for an energy company, to helping the UK government with designing better services for citizens. I'm particularly interested in user research, gathering insights and empathising with people.

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