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Eloise King-Smith
Glebe | Australia

I'm an early career service designer from Australia. I've been working for 3 years in service design, and I did 11 years of university specifically to get into this field, but I've only just begun!

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I love many things design, but I choose service design with the belief that it has the biggest potential for positive impact on people and this planet. I'm really interested in waste management and the circular economy - how to give "waste" value, co-design with vulnerable humans, and creating organisational and behavioural change within organisations. I love learning new things, trying to understand other people's perspectives, and unlocking potential through play.

Eloise King-Smith
Human-Centred Service Designer

Eloise’s interest in Service Design

The circular economy; waste management; helping vulnerable people and communities; co-designing organisational change that makes people feel psychologically safe.

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