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Ellen Haller
New york | United States

SDGC19 Speaker Ellen Haller

Ellen Haller Fjord, Head of Design

Ellen Haller leads design for Fjord Northeast (New York and Boston), including hybrid teams of design researchers, business strategists, service designers, UX designers, and visual designers dedicated to creating meaningful service platforms and digital products that improve user experience. She applies her background in architectural theory to understand how people behave in varied environments and to identify design opportunities that build brand loyalty and establish lasting business equity.



'Holistic Experience Strategy: Bridging the Gap Between Brand, Business and Service Design'


As marketing, design, and consulting practices continue to merge, service designers are uniquely positioned to bridge a dizzying range of deliverables. Making it work requires tight collaboration--and tighter timelines. In this talk, I'll detail the formal process and case studies that illustrate how Fjord has effectively delivered programs spanning business strategy, brand strategy and design by applying service design methods to bind these formerly disparate practices together.

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