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Elisabet Lagerstedt
Hollviken | Sweden

Join me in the exploration beyond business as usual!

Elisabet Lagerstedt Future Navigators, Executive Advisor, Consultant & Coach

I'm Elisabet Lagerstedt, an Executive Advisor, Consultant and Coach. And the founder of Future Navigators. 

I help leaders go beyond business as usual, to accelerate Better Business, Better Brands, and the co-creation of a Better Future. Service design and systems design are helpful tools in my tool box, which focuses on insight, strategy, innovation and transformation.

To me, service design means...

To me, Service Design is a great way for companies to understand and design their businesses from a user and systems perspective - and to become more relevant and attractive to their key stakeholders and their business ecosystem.

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New book: Better Business Better Future

New book: Better Business Better Future

It is said that the future is already here, even though it is not very evenly distributed. So, what if you could learn from those in the frontlines to accelerate your own business transformation? Well, you can. Everything to build a Better Business, and a Better Future.

The new book, Better Business Better Future, will help you understand the sustainability revolution and decode the good practices of purpose-led sustainability trailblazers, such as Patagonia, Interface, Ørsted, Unilever, IKEA, and Oatly.

A great read for entrepreneurs, corporate business leaders, board members, and strategists aiming to integrate sustainability into the very core of their business, and accelerate the transformation to a Better Future.

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