About Eden Loeffel

Eden Loeffel
Detroit | United States


Eden is passionate about... design and culture, service design thinking, innovation, design education, user experience, prototyping, user-centred, inclusive, field research, workshops, participatory approach, well-being service, quantitative research, elderly care, social care, qualitative research, co-creation, service blueprint, collaboration, transformation of culture, service design toolkit, organisational change, mobility, accessibility, system transformation, empathy-building, system design, sustainability, design syllabus, secondary research, future scenario, universal design, ethnographic research, contextual research and design research

Eden Loeffel Service Design | Research | Social Impact

Hello! My name is Eden. I'm a creative problem solver, currently living, thinking, and learning in Detroit, Michigan. I am pursuing a Masters in Integrated Design (Service Design, Systems Thinking, and Design Research) with hopes of making the designed world more people-friendly, inclusive, and accessible. My focus is on service design and social impact work and how we, as designers, can work to improve the systems around us. 

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