About Dr. Josina Vink

Dr. Josina Vink
Oslo | Norway

SDGC19 Speaker Dr. Josina Vink

Dr. Josina Vink Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO), Associate Professor of Service Design

Dr. Josina Vink is a designer and researcher with expertise in health system transformation. She has over ten years experience leading and facilitating participatory service and systems design processes, including at the Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation in the United States, the Center for Addiction and Mental Health in Canada and Experio Lab in Sweden. She is currently teaching and doing research at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO) in Norway, where her work focuses on how people can shape social structures to transform the systems they’re in.



Talk at the exclusive SDN Members Event

'Service Design Plurality'


In this talk, Josina will reflect on her experience practicing service design in different healthcare systems internationally. In particular, she will highlight what she learned from doing service design in a Canadian healthcare context seeking to meet the needs of a diverse population.




'In/Visible: Shaping Hidden Social Structures Through Service Design'


This talk shows how ignoring social structures – shared norms, rules, roles and beliefs – can result in diminishing returns from service design projects over the long term. Based on four years of studying the work of Experio Lab in the Swedish healthcare system, Josina will present an alternative model of service design in which shaping social structures is at the very core. She will also share practical service design methods that can help people build awareness of and alter social structures to realize long-term change.

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