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Dr. David Dunne
Victoria | Canada

SDGC19 Speaker Dr. David Dunne

Dr. David Dunne University of Victoria, Professor and Director, MBA Programs

Dr. David Dunne is Professor and Director, MBA Programs at the University of Victoria in British Columbia. For over 15 years, he has been immersed in the world of design, as a thinker, teacher, writer and facilitator. He has published many articles about design, management and business education. He is an accomplished executive educator who has won many awards for his teaching. His book, Design Thinking at Work: How Innovative Organizations Are Embracing Design, is available from the University of Toronto Press.



'Minding the Mindset: Surviving and Thriving in Organisations'


How do you keep your sanity as a service designer in a large bureaucracy? Designers think in ways that are alien, and sometimes threatening, to technocratic hierarchies. While these differences in thinking give designers their unique value, they can also make them cultural outcasts. In some cases, they are treated as harmless court jesters who do entertaining workshops; in others they are tolerated, but isolated a “safe” distance away from the centres of power. This talk will identify the distinct mindset of service designers, show how it challenges organizations, and suggest ways to bridge the divide without selling your soul.

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