About Dennis Hambeukers

Dennis Hambeukers
Maastricht | Netherlands

Service designer with a broad background and experience. Lover of drawings, presentations, storytelling, design thinking, branding, UX design, hand-coded prototypes, espresso and home-made sushi.

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I graduated form both the Technical University in Delft and the Academy of Fine Art in Maastricht. Connecting the engineer and the artist in me is the driver of my journey. In service design these two worlds, that seemed hard to unity at times, seem to melt into a new whole.

Dennis Hambeukers
Service Designer

Dennis’s interest in Service Design

At Zuiderlicht we have a strong tradition in design. Our aim is always to help our clients succeed by using the all the different ways that design can help. Under the flag of service design we help organizations by using our design and design thinking skills to develop better services cheaper and faster. For us service design is a holistic approach in which we can combine our experience with branding, storytelling, ux design, service design tools, visual design and strategic consultancy.

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