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Deborah Zell
Boulder | United States

SDGC19 Speaker Deborah Zell

Deborah Zell Dell Technologies,

I found my way to service design through a spectacular product fail in 2008.  In the years since, I've worked at a highly decorated boutique human-centered design agency, a variety of startups and led the customer experience strategy practice in Deloitte Digital where I often counseled clients against thinking they could solve their experience challenges for customers and employees solely through technology.  


My current role works every professional muscle I've developed as I build connections, share insights, and guide Dell Technologies through adoption of service design and human-centered design best practices.



'Building Bridges To Get Everything You Want'


When I joined Dell Technologies following their merger with EMC, I was tasked with bringing the various offerings together in a way that made sense for customers.   At first it was difficult gaining adoption of human-centered service design. 

Through relationship building, standing up a cross-business community of practice, learning how to deliver measurable wins through design pilots, and showing the power of primary research and journey mapping, I've finally earned the trust and enthusiastic buy-in of business leadership to pursue human-centered service design in earnest.


I'll share the steps I've taken and lessons learned along the way.

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