About David Griffith Jones

David Griffith Jones
Göteborg | Sweden

SDGC18 Workshop Facilitator with Karin Lycke

David's Workshop at SDGC18: The Pinball Game

With a shared passion for leading people, teams and organizations using design David and Karin complement each other with their different backgrounds. David has an expertise in Business Model Innovation, IoT and Automation whilst Karin’s strengths lays in improving business and eco-systems based on human needs and behaviours. Together they form a diverse team with extensive experience in helping organisations build innovation capacity and lead change by design across many sectors and countries.

David Griffith Jones
Service Designer | Business Designer | Digital Architect at Cybercom Group

David Griffith’s interest in Service Design

Based on our paper Evaporating Empathy - published in Touchpoint 10.1 we have developed a workshop concept to go from abstract to acting; we call the concept "the pinball game". The game helps service designers and organisational champions to move from concept to implementation. Launching a concept into an organisation is like launching a ball into a pinball machine. You need to know what paths your ball (concept) will travel through, where the dangers lie, where the valuable points are. You also need to control the flippers! The pinball game workshop concept is a way of visualising and exploring the stakeholder landscape resulting in an engagement plan.

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