MADRID | Spain


DAVID ESPESO GIL Findasense Global, Global Lead Business Strategy | Omnichannel Customer Experience | MBA
Spaniard, but citizen of the Earth. I hold a major in Physics, but I apply my curiosity today to Marketing and Business Strategy.

To me, service design means...

My interest in Service Design comes from its openness to any discipline, yet existing or not, and particularly in regards to human behavior, its connection to people needs and social models, including business and systems sustainability. I spent 13 years in Telco industry as Engineer, Architect, Project Manager, and finally Service Design Lead since 2009. In 2013 I jumped into the Marketing and Business Administration world applying a strong perspective Service Design and Entrepreneurship, being applied to many other industries, like Food & Beverage, Banking, Consumer Electronics, Sports, Entertainment, and Education. Today I run Service Design at global scale for my company, Findasense.

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