About Daryl Weir

Daryl Weir
Helsinki | Finland

SDGC18 Workshop Facilitator with Annina Antinranta

Daryl's Workshop at SDGC18: Intelligence Augmentation - Machine Learning for everyone

Daryl is a senior data scientist at Futurice and a co-creator of the Intelligence Augmentation design toolkit. A consultant with an academic research background, he is interested in the intersection of machine learning, design, and human-computer interaction. He works with clients to build their AI strategies as well as to implement concrete data-driven services. He is passionate about helping others to understand the emerging field of AI, and believes firmly in the power of a multidisciplinary approach in creating great experiences with this technology.

Daryl Weir
Senior Data Scientist at Futurice

Daryl’s interest in Service Design

In the exciting age of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, our workshop about Intelligence Augmentation will help designers and non-tech experts to design a service concept, that supports and supplements human thinking. We start by discussing what AI is, and what it’s good for. Then we take a deep dive into the special considerations that designers must make when adding machine learning to a service, without losing sight of the human factor. This workshop is built around Futurice’s Intelligence Augmentation Design Toolkit. The kit provides you with tools to structure your thinking when designing a service that includes machine learning elements.

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