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Danielle Galmore
Holly Springs | United States

I work as an intreprenenuer seeking new opportunities to serve our customers and their emerging needs around work, as well as finding new revenue models, for a specific company- Steelcase, Inc.

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Im passionate about being a great leader; reading; golf. Im happiest when Im learning something new.

I live in Holly Springs, NC which means I am a distributed team leader. Steelcase is headquartered in Grand Rapids Michigan and Workspring, the brand and service model for Steelcase, has it's flagship location in Chicago. I currently lead our exploration efforts in Space as a Service business models. This includes offsite meetings and rainings, co-working and team project spaces for corporations, as well as technology solutions to support SAAS efforts. I am a certified Experience Economy Expert, which means I can train on the principles and frameworks developed by James Pine and Jim Gilmore in the book The Experience Economy.

Danielle Galmore
Director, New Business Innovation

Danielle’s interest in Service Design

I am interested in building a network of like-minded individuals that I can be thought partners with. Additionally Id like to learn more about the principles, learnings and best practices of service design.

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