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Daniele Catalanotto
Bienne | Switzerland

SDGC19 Speaker Daniele Catalanotto

Daniele Catalanotto Swiss Innovation Academy, Founder & Service Designer

Daniele Catalanotto is a Service Designer and author. He is also the founder of the Swiss Innovation Academy where he teaches innovation skills to small businesses and solo entrepreneurs.  In the past 9 years, Daniele has lead design and innovation projects in Switzerland, France, Germany, Italy, the UK, China, and Thailand with organizations like Daimler, The British Heart Foundation or the IMD Business School.



'A Tiny Service Design History'


We often talk about the future of Service Design. What will AI bring to it? How will machine learning change our practice? But often, we lack the basic understanding of our past. What’s the first service that ever existed in history? How old is really co-creation? In this fun talk, Daniele shares key stories about the history of our field. Starting with 10,000 BC up to 2019. This little journey will show how Service Design stole ideas from psychology, politics and even philosophy.



'Service Rollercoasters: How to Build Services Using Storytelling Elements'


Often, Service Designers want to remove as much friction as possible and create the smoothest experiences possible. What if friction was necessary for great experiences? Based on findings from neuroscience, about the power of storytelling, we propose to bring friction and storytelling elements in the service experience. We believe that good services should feel more like stories or emotional rollercoasters.
In this workshop we will share insights about how great stories are built. And how service designers can use such storytelling tools to create more memorable customer experiences.

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