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Dan Hayden
Dublin | Ireland

SDGC18 Speaker

Dan's talk at SDGC18: 5 Lessons to Control Data

At Facebook Dan leads global initiatives on design, privacy and the future of the data- driven economy, with a special focus on applying innovative design-driven methods to policy problems. He co-leads Facebook’s Trust, Transparency and Control Lab initiative, which was piloted in Berlin in March 2017 and which has now brought initiatives to Paris, Seoul, Sao Paolo, Hong Kong and around the world. Before joining Facebook, Dan worked as Policy Director on several political campaigns at national and European level. He was a researcher at University College Dublin School of Law.

Dan Hayden
Data Strategist at TTC Labs (Facebook)

Dan’s interest in Service Design

To give people a true sense of trust, transparency, and control, you must start with design. In this session, you will hear about Facebook’s journey to build a collaborative global program of design culminating in the launch of TTC Labs, an innovation lab improving user experiences around personal data. In this talk you'll hear the five lessons we've learned running design sprints from Buenos Aires to Brussels and from Dublin to Seoul - and how we iterated and improved as we went to ensure that mixed teams of designers, lawyers, data specialists and policymakers could learn to speak the same language and build real things.

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