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Consuelo Puchades
a | Spain

I lead the Digital Products Design team in Capgemini FS, working in the Digital Business area.

I am an interaction and experiences designer, who has been enjoying her job for 15 years. In these years I've developed skills as a service designer, design thinker and researcher. Besides working designing and trying to make easy for people to use sites and applications, I have extensive experience in managing teams and projects, and in preparation and defense of commercial proposals. My career goal is to continue growing and deepening into my work in the field of user experience, participate in a highly motivated team, which helps me to apply my experience, develop my creativity and have fun. I love to be accompanied by my camera and find ways to bring creativity into my life.

Consuelo Puchades
Head of Digital Products Design

Consuelo’s interest in Service Design

Practice, grow and learn.

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