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Conor Ahern
Cork | Ireland

Working in Service rePublic since February 2017. I'm interested in delivering great services & promoting SD & design thinking methods to Cork County & Ireland. Loving the co-creation process!

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Husband and father of two teenagers.I can see fault in everything,depending on my mood. Sometimes!!

I have over 25 year experience working in the hospitality industry, motor industry, financial services sector. I have spent 20 years in the public service working with Cork County Council in clerical and administrative roles for 2 years and followed that up with 17 years in ICT. My initial role in ICT was as technical support for business systems users for two years. I spent the next 10 years as a business systems analyst & developer, providing design & implementation services & consultancy to Cork County Council's many customer departments & managers.My last 5 years in ICT included project management, vendor & contract liaison & management.

Conor Ahern
Service Designer

Conor’s interest in Service Design

I was selected by our Divisional manager to be a a member of the 'Service rePublic' which is a Service Design team that has been set up as a joint initiative between Cork County Council and Cork Institute of Technology. The purpose of 'Service rePublic', and my purpose as part of the team, is to promote Service Design methodologies, educational opportunities and also transform the design and delivery of better customer services to the people of Cork by Cork County Council and beyond.

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