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Conor Ahern
Cork | Ireland

I'm a team member of Service rePublic since February 2017. I'm interested in delivering great services and promoting SD & design thinking methods to Cork and Ireland. Loving the co-creation process!

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Husband and father of two teenagers.I sometimes find fault in everything. Sometimes!!

Having spent over 20 years a financial and business systems analyst, I joined Cork County Council’s Customer Service Transformation project in June of 2016. I trained as a Service Designer by working on the successful redesign and delivery of 'live' customer services. In May 2017, our team was officially launched as Ireland’s first public Service Design centre called Service rePublic. I am honoured and delighted to be a member of this hugely enthusiastic group of people and to be a part of this fantastic journey.

Conor Ahern
Service Designer

Conor’s interest in Service Design

My interest in Service Design is in the provision of better public services to Cork and beyond. In doing so, I hope that I can promote the co-design and co-creation of services so that people can feel empowered and enabled to take ownership and pride in the design and creation of their own services.

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