About Connor Upton

Connor Upton
Dublin | Ireland

SDGC19 Workshop Facilitator Connor Upton

Connor Upton Fjord, Group Design Director

Connor Upton is the Group Design Director for Fjord. Fjord Dublin sits at the heart of Accenture’s global innovation hub, the Dock. Connor applies human centric approaches to the design of complex work environments and has published and spoken widely on this topic. His projects cover multiple domains including public safety, manufacturing and sustainability. He is keenly interested in how interactive visualizations can support collaboration between human and artificial intelligence.


Workshop together with Anna Skrypnychenko

'Designing Intelligence'


Artificial intelligence is more than just a technology. Beyond the algorithms AI drives services that are rapidly changing our work and personal lives. This workshop introduces AI concepts and explores Human/AI collaboration. We will introduce the audience to a range of design considerations that can increase the adoption and resilience of AI powered services. The material is delivered through a series of practical activities and micro lectures.

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