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Clara Bidorini
São Paulo | Brazil

SDGC19 Speaker Clara Bidorini

Clara Bidorini Kyvo, Head of Corporate Venture

Clara Bidorini is a social entrepreneur and strategic designer. She coordinates Corporate Acceleration and Organizational Innovation Programs at Kyvo, and teaches Strategic and Business Design in Brazil. She is one of the leaders of the 1st Design and Innovation Professional Women's Network, as well as co-founder of Namoa, a platform to help refugees recovering their identities through entrepreneurship. She challenges the status quo by working in different projects that enhance diversity and inclusivity.



'The Missing Framework to Bring Companies and Startups Together'


Often misunderstood among entrepreneurs, Service Design has proved to be a relevant approach to help corporations and startups to craft solutions together and improve dialogues within their ecosystems. From blockchain to beauty market, the method has proved to be successful not only in leading startups to seek deeper validation of their hypotheses, but also in convincing corporations to pursue data oriented solutions, instead of the usual dogmas.


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