About Christopher Vice

Christopher Vice
Raleigh | United States


Christopher Vice Studio Science, Service Designer

C-Level Agency Executive, Design Thinking Leader, Innovation Strategist, Service Designer. Relational leader for navigating systems-level transformations. Engaging people + ecology + technology + economy to improve experiences through design’s disciplinary phenomena of study, methods of inquiry, and values.

Christopher serves as Chief Design Officer (for Design Research, Design Strategy, Design Doing) at Studio Science, a design and innovation consultancy founded in 1998.

To me, service design means...

Since every person comes to a service transaction (an exchange of payment for a product, assistance, or advice) or action (the performance of a task or utilization of a resource) with their own subjectivity, designers cannot design experiences; service designers establish scaffolds on which people make or cast their own experiences. To design these scaffolds, Christopher is most interested in understanding the tangible and intangible needs of people including the spectrum of human factors: cognitive, physical, emotional, social, and cultural. Christopher is especially interested in advancing research methods at the intersection of a Design Research approach and a Jobs-To-Be-Done approach.

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