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Christina Melander
Copenhagen | Denmark

SDGC19 Workshop Facilitator Christina Melander

Christina Melander Danish Design Centre, Programme Director & Head of Danish Design Award

Christina Melander is programme director heading Danish Design Centre’s strategic platform Design Resources, with one clear vision of making Denmark the world’s leading hub for design resources. Christina is also the Head of Danish Design Award, and recently Christina has been leading the work of generates new data on the design industries in all the Nordic countries. Christina is an experience keynote speaker and holds an MSc in Design Management from the Copenhagen Business School.


Workshop together with Sara Gry Striegler

'Designing Future Services Through Immersive Experiences'


The demographic development, alongside the hasty rise of new technologies and structural changes means that it is time to consider the future possibilities for growth and welfare: Danish Design Centre has developed a future lab Boxing Future Health, enabling us to not only predict, but shape the future. Combining methodologies of scenario planning and design Danish Design Centre will give a taste of the framework, to inspire participants to explore hands-on what different scenarios would mean.



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