About Brian Hoadley

Bromley | United Kingdom

Senior Design Consultant experienced in building design teams including UX, Visual and Research. Provide vision and method, deliver strategic outcomes, successful career in digital, design and tech.

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I write short fiction and am currently working on a novel. Work anecdote to come later.

American living in London since 2001 - dual US/UK citizenship. Specialist skills include: Digital strategy and transformation; Strategic and creative direction; User experience and information architecture; Service design capabilities; Stakeholder engagement and management; Customer research direction; Design team structures and method development. Currently acting Head of Customer Labs at Lloyds Banking Group.

Brian’s interest in Service Design

With a career that spans engineering, design and writing, I am interested in the narratives that good service design creates in helping organisations understand how to structure their products, services and ways of working to become design-led organisations.

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