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Brendan Coram
bardon | Australia


Brendan Coram Service Designer | Innovation Manager

I use service design to solve problems, and challenge the way things are done. Oh, and I prefer to work in collaboration with others, partly because a diverse group always outthinks an individual and partly because it's more fun that way. Oh, and that includes the business I am problem solving for. I like to take them on the journey with me. 

Based in Brisbane, Australia, I mostly work remotely but always love to get up close and personal whenever possible.

To me, service design means...

To me, service design is about making connections, articulating problems, challenging assumptions and creating impact. I have always seen service design as a framework through which we can innovate and change the way things are done for the better. Service design is also about people, places, context, meaning, creativity and real world validation. At it's heart, service design is about getting out of the building and proving what works best.

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