About Birgit Mager

Birgit Mager
Köln | Germany

SDGC18 speaker on stage with Tina Weisser

On stage with Tina Weisser for 24 Success Factors for Brilliant Implementation

Since 1995, Birgit Mager has been Professor for Service Design at KISD, the Köln International School of Design, based in Cologne, Germany. Over the past eighteen years, she has been a leading figure in developing the theory and practice of service design. Her publications and lectures have contributed to the establishment of service design as an independent research discipline. Birgit Mager is the president of the International Service Design Network (SDN) and is responsible for organizing SDN‘s national and international conferences, which, this year, also take place in Finland and the United States.

Birgit Mager
President of Global Service Design Network, Service Design Professor at KISD

Birgit’s interest in Service Design

No longer is service design a playground for pretty storyboards – it has become an essential driver for innovation and creator of value for relevant stakeholders. And this value is created through implementation. Still: brilliant concepts often fail when it comes to implementation. Finding answers and better understanding the complex drivers for implementation, barriers and success factors was the motivation behind a 3-year international study. The talk will present the key findings of this study, which investigated complex service design projects at the interface of external SD consultancies and their clients.

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