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Benno Loewenberg
Frankfurt am Main | Germany

I am a designer and consultant for digital solutions, helping companies and startups successfully design their services and customer touchpoints e. g. UIs that improve their clients' CX / UX.

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I am passionate about cleverly designed things. I love to design e.g. bicycles and furniture myself.

I worked with more than 30 companies and organizations, including 1and1, Accenture, Deutsche Bank, EU Parliament, German Goverment, Google, Jaguar, Lufthansa, Nestlé, Roche, Sony Music, and Vodafone. I also built and led several digital design departments, including one for Publicis. I studied Life Sciences and Economics, and i am also a trainer for media design, conducting Design Thinking / Design Sprint workshops, and giving talks and lectures. I am fluent in German, English, and French.

Benno Loewenberg
Experience Strategy & Service Design

Benno’s interest in Service Design

Making Service Design tangible and executable for it keeps being maintained, measured, and improved after »the designers« left the building (avoiding the Service Blueprint to become a dusty on-off, that was never executed).

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