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Benjamin Little
Salem | United States

Ethnographer/Strategist. I specialize in a mix of field work and strategy creation particularly at the overlap of human experience and technology-driven opportunities.

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Though I'm a sector vagabond and enjoy meeting new markets, I really love food projects.

A few years ago, I combined what had been separate experiences in ethnographic research and corporate strategy. At first, I was particularly interested in design strategy around the role of automation in human experiences (and what forms of restraint we might need in implementation), but I've since moved to an agency role where I apply human-centered design and business strategy to a broad range of issues, typically for larger companies.

Benjamin Little
insights x design x strategy

Benjamin’s interest in Service Design

In the past, my strategy work would lead to new workstreams in process design, industrial design, or experience design groups. As Service Design gains traction among the markets in which I work, it allows us to govern complex systems through the customer journey we are trying to create and has allowed my team to continue working towards a complete human experience. I believe Service Design has given us permission to extend that complex view of human experience in a useful way, so we don't immediately reduce our focus just to the touchpoint perspective, but keep an eye on the complex system of which those touchpoints are part.

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