About Benet Garcia

Benet Garcia
Bellevue | United States

I have been a member of the Internet Product and Architecture community since 1993. It is my love and my joy to use technology to improve the lives of my fellow human beings.

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Benet Garcia
Vice President of Product Strategy at Juhll Agency

Benet’s interest in Service Design

My interest in Service Design is to finally see an evolution of Information and Experience architecture that does not require a path from Creative Graphic Design. I would like to see this develop, as it always has been in my mind, a discipline unto itself, requiring not only a broad range of skills across the end to end experience but also a real desire to see into the possibilities of human interaction with technology. It is about how people learn, it is about how they experience the world, It is about how we connect them to the things they are wish to do and with each other.

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