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Ben Hartridge
Devon | United Kingdom

SDGC19 Speaker Ben Hartridge

Ben Hartridge Dartington Service Design Lab, Researcher

Ben Hartridge (Dartington Service Design Lab) has facilitated co-production processes for successful service design projects with national charities and local government agencies in the United Kingdom. He believes that the best public services are designed when the user’s voice is combined scientific evidence. Ben has a strong academic background in rigorous social research methods. He has built on this to design and deliver rapid testing frameworks that put service designs to the test while minimising disruption to service delivery.



'Hothouses for Innovation: Human-Centred, Science-Informed Design for Homelessness Services'


160,000 people in the UK are homeless. In this context, the Dartington Service Design Lab embarked on a two-year service design and rapid cycle testing initiative with a national homelessness charity. Ben Hartridge from the Lab will talk about co-producing services with vulnerable adults, bring the adjacent practices of social research and intervention science together with service design and the importance of being open about the challenges we face as service designers.

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