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Current state of surfing as a sport in Australia

Current state of surfing as a sport in Australia

From late May to late JuneI conducted user research interviews with individuals around Australia. Discussions took place on beaches, at surfing events,in homes, offices, local cafes as well as online via video calls. 

The surfing community was very welcoming and honest with their discussionsand I appreciate the trust they have put in me to share their stories. There are some amazing individuals, surf schools and clubs driving participation in surfing through their passion. 

Surfing is not just as a sport and recreational activity but a lifestyle with incredible health and well-being benefits.

A lot of the people I spoke with had multiple roles in surfing but for research purposes I have defined the following personas interviewed and will share about them throughout the report:

-Senior coaches

-Junior coaches

-Surf school operators

-Parents-Surfing parents

-Boardriderclub Presidents

-Boardriderclub committee members

-Junior surf judges (officials)

-Senior surf judges (officials)

-State and national sport administrators

The high level themes found were around:

  • Delivering surfing
  • Trying surfing
  • Going surfing
  • Boardridersclubs
  • Surfing in a regional area
  • Women and girls in surfing
  • Benefits of surfing as a sport

Many opportunities have come out of the insights such as:

How might we automate credentials with less administrator intervention?​

How might we connect like-minded sports together to develop and share coaches?

How might we involve and encourage all surf schools to deliver a worlds class kids surfing program and customer experience?​

How might we show and support non-surfing families that they can be part of a boardrider club?​

Some of my key take-aways were:

  • Schools are vital for business sustainability​
  • This sport is powerful when it comes to mental health and well-being
  • The support network for girls is important​ (not just a program)
  • Wavepools are a thing and so is climate change!​
  • Women in their late 30s and 40s want to try​
  • government sport vouchers have introduced more people to surfing​

Current state and opportunities for surfing as a sportBelle Hogg

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