About Bahar Bakır

Bahar Bakır
Milan | Italy

As a global citizen, born in the USA, grew up in Turkey and living in Italy; I believe in the power of service design to create a change in the world.

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I am passionately interested in art, music and sports. I have always believed that these areas are fed from each other and should not be separated. For instance, I strongly believe that singing jazz and teaching pilates have improved my creativity and helped me further develop my skills as a designer. After graduating from the University, I have worked for one year as an interior designer. Although it was rewarding and engaging, I became interested in service design, which is a wider and more integrated discipline.

Bahar Bakır
Product Service System Designer

Bahar’s interest in Service Design

I am passionate about service design; from design research to creating the value proposition, from identifying insights to translating them into service concepts then putting all together. I love looking at the big picture then diving into details.

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