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Azury Lin
Cambridge | United States


Azury Lin M.S. Integrated Design & Management at MIT

Azury Lin is a multidisciplinary designer advocating for the user experience for emerging technologies, education and sustainability challenges. With her roots in product design development and years of human-centered design practice, she focused especially on building the emotional connections between key actors and the cross-functional team.

She has been working with early-stage startups to create a holistic vision – from brand identity, storytelling to an interactive experience for products and services – to ensure the integrity is built into the DNA of the company.

To further her passion for sustainability in environmental challenges, she is currently pursuing a master degree in Integrated Design and Management at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where she merges both business, analytical skills and design expertise to address challenges in social equity and inclusiveness for the vulnerable populations.

Her research and development skills include ethnographic research, empathy building, systemic design approach, co-creation, along with her production skills of data science and systematic design development for the digital products. Her integrated knowledge from both design and development has been a key strength in delivering human-centered solutions in the fast-paced startup business.

To me, service design means...

Creates ownership, build resilient community and sustainable economy that reconcile with the ecosystem.

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