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Audree Fletcher
Croxley Green, Rickmansworth | United Kingdom

Recently turned freelance, I'm currently working with Barnardo's but used to be Director of Design in the UK Government's Department for International Trade. I'm also on the UK SDN Chapter committee.

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I'm freelancing now and keen to get some agency-side experience.

I've have an eclectic background which means I can jump into pretty much any project and quickly speak and understand the language. I started as public sector policy generalist, gained an MBA, then found myself in the world of design, innovation and latterly digital. I've picked up a lot of useful skills and experience over the last 14 years - people, project and change management; coaching, behavioural economics and leadership; economics, finance and business analysis; innovation management and NPD. I consider myself a T-shaped professional with spikes in service design, research, leadership and change.

Audree Fletcher
Freelance - Designer/Researcher/Strategist

Audree’s interest in Service Design

Given my background, I'm definitely most focused on where policy, service design and digital come together - giving designers the mandate and resources to both fully explore the problem and deliver appropriate solutions. But, having been in-house much of my career, I'm also very concerned to ensure the Service Design community starts connecting more with the implementation and impact of their design projects - architects don't hand over their blueprints then walk away, neither should we.

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