About Arnoud Bladergroen

Arnoud Bladergroen
Amsterdam | Netherlands

SDGC18 speaker on stage with Tanvi Pande

On stage with Tanvi Pande for: Hacking corporate culture

Started out as a digital designer back in the 90s, went on to do creative consultancy for mainstream brands, lived in China, did music for a while, was a stay at home dad and finally managed to merge it all into his current role as lead service designer and culture hack at Airfrance/KLM. Main focus: paving the way for a more open and inclusive mindset by challenging corporate culture.

Arnoud Bladergroen
Service Design Lead at Airfrance KLM.

Arnoud’s interest in Service Design

What does it take to turn a traditional company like Air France/ KLM into a human-centred, design-driven organisation? Step into the ancient world of spreadsheets, meeting rooms, blue shirts and no music and learn tricks how to hack corporate culture. Sharing our hands-on experiences as a fledgeling service design team within a large corporate and moving the service design mindset and way of working to the forefront.

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