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Anne Dhir
Glasgow | United Kingdom

SDGC18 Workshop Facilitator

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Anne's Workshop at SDGC18: Combining Open Data and Service Design for Impact

Anne brings to service design a diverse experience in political science, business and smart cities. She combines service design with a passion for anything data-related to build insights and sustainable services.She aims to get to the bottom of problems, unearth the impact throughout the organisation, design innovative solutions and follow them through until implementation. She has directed on projects including Aye Mind for the NHS and with clients from Renfrewshire and North Lanarkshire Councils, Tesco and the Data Lab.

Anne Dhir
Project Director and Strategist at Snook.

Anne’s interest in Service Design

The workshop will be a hands-on session exploring practical approaches to combining Open Data and Service Design, to gain a deeper understanding of both the quantitative and qualitative aspects of a problem. This enables organisations to design a more comprehensive solution, considering the individual experience alongside the processes and systems. The technical aspects of open data can sometimes be unappealing for designers, so we will invite experienced practitioners to share their experiences and case studies. We will then introduce the tools and methods to participants and explore how they can apply this combined approach to their own challenges, achieving the greatest impact.

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