About Annaliisa Salmelin

Annaliisa Salmelin
Turku | Finland

Service design is a mindset and a base for getting things done!

Annaliisa is passionate about... design and culture, service design thinking, innovation, trends, user journey and workshop

Annaliisa Salmelin A45- Aneljäviis, Senior Designer
My strength lies on empathy, visualization and seeing the big picture while developing businesses. I’m radically organized and creative at the same time. I love communicating through doing.

To me, service design means...

I’m intrigued by people and how they behave when choosing a service or a product. How they make the decision? Which things influence in the decision? Why I choose this and you choose to choose that and that kind of thing. I guess I could say that the interaction and observation of people behavior keeps me interested on developing better services. We are all individuals and should be served that way as well.

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