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Anna Skrypnychenko
Dublin | Ireland

SDGC19 Workshop Facilitator Anna Skrypnychenko

Anna Skrypnychenko Fjord, Service and System Designer

Anna Skrypnychenko is a system and service designer at Fjord based at the Dock, where she works on projects focusing on sustainability in supply chains, AI + human collaboration and innovation strategy for large organizations. Her practice is shaped by research, strategy and systems design for private and public sectors. Anna is a graduate of the Masters Program “Interdisciplinary Design Strategy” at IADT + Institute without Boundaries.


Workshop together with Connor Upton

'Designed Intelligence'


Artificial intelligence is more than just a technology. Beyond the algorithms AI drives services that are rapidly changing our work and personal lives. This workshop introduces AI concepts and explores Human/AI collaboration. We will introduce the audience to a range of design considerations that can increase the adoption and resilience of AI powered services. The material is delivered through a series of practical activities and micro lectures.


In addition, Anna Skrypnychenko will facilitate one of our pre-conference events on October 9, 2019 together with Connor Upton:


'Designed Intelligence'


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Please note: Masterclass tickets do not give access to the conference or vice versa.

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