About Anna Palokangas

Anna Palokangas
Lahti | Finland

Developing customer experience - using service design - keeping it simple

Anna is passionate about... service design thinking, service delivery, user-centred, cultural change, sustainability and customer experience

Anna Palokangas Paloka & LAB University of Applied Sciences, Institute of Design, Service designer, RDI specialist

I'm happy to be able to work both in public sector and with small businesses. As a RDI specialist I work with bigger projects at Lahti Design Institute and my role is usually to be the service designer and coordinator. Resent cases have been for example developing local public services.

When I have time, I work as a cx developer for small clients. I mostly work with my partners as together we have a winning combo of cx and business development.

To me, service design means...

Service design is a way for me to make people's life better and organizations work better. This includes more and more planet centric thinking too.

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