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Anna Marchuk
Munich | Germany

SDGC18 Speaker with Florian Fischer

Anna's talk at SDGC18: Building mindset & re-inventing tools for service design in a large corps

Anna is a Senior Researcher and Service Designer at HYVE - the innovation company based in Munich. Inspired by people and passionate about innovation, Anna started her journey as a researcher - applying design thinking and co-creation in new product development. Her strong belief in the importance of holistic experiences defined her path as a service designer and innovation strategist. At HYVE Anna leads service design practice and helps her clients to keep customer-centric view along the innovation process: from vision to implementation. She is interested in exploring emerging technologies, like AI or voice UI, and envisioning how they will affect human needs and services of the future.

Anna Marchuk
Senior Researcher and Service Designer at HYVE

Anna’s interest in Service Design

Service innovation is a lot about people. 1 year ago there was a new team without a shared vision, pile of unstructured features and many ideas - typical challenge of a large corporation. We want to share a story of solving it by changing mindset of the people and developing a service-design toolbox for going from ideas to implementation of digital mobility services at BMW. Our practical insights will show how to use service design methods to: align expectations of individuals and create teams that work towards a common vision; address the challenge of not starting from scratch by identifying ideas that are worth keeping; foster customer-centric mindset and focus on holistic experiences.

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