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Angelica Flechas
Bogotá | Colombia

SDGC19 Speaker Angélica Flechas

Angelica Flechas Háptica, General Manager

Angélica Flechas is a lawyer and a service designer from Bogotá Colombia. For six years she has ran her own service design agency, Háptica, and during this journey she has worked for different areas such as: retail, FMCG, finance, hotels, health care, insurance, education, construction, government, law firms, among others. They have designed their own methods and tools, specifically in the legal design field, where they are pioneers in Latin America.



'Breaking the "Design Immunity" of the Legal Touchpoints'


Building bridges is about connecting two or more dots that normally are separated. With this presentation I would like to show you how to connect the legal and the design world, using my own real cases and methods, in order to create better services for the final users, because the law says what should happen but does not say how, and this is the power that service design has.

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