About Andreas Pattichis

Andreas Pattichis
Helsinki | Finland

A Nordic Designer with a Mediterranean twist

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"Design is People" - Jane Jacobs

Wide experience on design thinking (ranging from products, graphics and services), I get excited by the ability to get to apply my skills in order to affect and challenge how business is done. A people person at his core. I enjoy to be involved in teams, and their creative doing. Through the involvement of people, I wish to break silo-based thinking, and to focus on the essentials by applying a lean way of working. I am originally from Cyprus, and have lived in various countries across Europe, which has given a multicultural perspective on things both at a personal and professional level.

Andreas Pattichis
Service Designer

Andreas’s interest in Service Design

I have a background in Industrial Design, with a specialisation on Strategic Innovation, Service Design and Design Business Management. In Service Design my primary passions are: workshop facilitation, intercultural communication, conceptual work

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