About Andreas Fehr

Nürnberg | Germany

I'm a Service-Design-Jam-Enthusiast (Host of WeltretterJam), Coworking-Space-Co-Founder, sustainable activist and love to discover new things, thoughts and perspectives.

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Play is the highest form of research - Albert Einstein

For 15 years, I professionally live my passion for exceptional services. First as a digital media designer at TMT in Bayreuth. Then after my international studies of Applied Leisure Studies at the University of Bremen, as a City Manager at SK Standort und Kommune in Fürth. Now happy to use all my experience for my job at insertEFFECT. As a co-founder of Coworking Nürnberg I’m engaged in the effects of creative spaces and collaborative working culture for more than five years. I’m a voluntary member and campaigner at BLUEPINGU e.V., supporting the sustainable transformation of the society. Through hands-on projects we want to seed enthusiasm for a new lifestyle and sustainable society.

Andreas’s interest in Service Design

Ethnografic research, human-to-human and human-to-machine interactions, expirience design, playfulness, empathy.

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