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Amy Sullivan
Toronto | Canada

SDGC19 Workshop Facilitator Amy Sullivan

Amy Sullivan Fjord, Business Design Director

Amy Sullivan is Business Design Director for Fjord in Canada. In this role, she leverages an understanding of business strategy, digital innovation, and human-centered design to identify new sources of growth and relevance for clients. With almost 20 years of experience as a digital business consultant and researcher, she is fluent in brand and customer experience strategy, skilled at illuminating critical business insights, and is an effective facilitator, presenter and storyteller.


Workshop together with Shelley Evenson

'Look Before You Leap: A Foresight Primer'


Foresight is the early detection of anything that is likely to disrupt business, social, or technological continuity. Foresight and design are inherently complementary practices, as foresight helps us see that there is a range of possible futures while design helps make those possibilities tangible. The foresight workshop will equip participants with a disciplined approach to detect signals of change, identify possible futures, and assess the implications for future state experience design.

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