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Amy Richards Admiral Pioneer,

Hey I’m Amy, a service designer at Admiral Pioneer in the studio team. I’m currently working with our small business team on their professional proposition as part of future of work. The areas I'm looking into are business insurance for freelancers, contractors and small business with less than 10 employees.

I love user research and really enjoy the creative side of service design. I really enjoy stakeholder engagement and bringing teams together to work collaboratively.

Before Pioneer, I worked at Side-by-Side, an innovation spin out working on projects like the future of care services and period dignity in low income households. I’m a Cardiff local currently living in Canton. Outside of work you’ll normally find me going for cold swims in the sea, climbing or making my way around Cardiff’s best bakeries.

To me, service design means...

Service design to me is all about user interaction in the process. I see myself as being the customer voice in our projects and being the person who knows and understands the customer the best. Consistently bringing their feedback into the process, to build something that's useful and meaningful to them. A successful service to me means taking a holistic approach, and considering all elements of the process. What I love about my role now is getting to work with so many different teams and skillsets. Good service design in insurance means working alongside customer service, underwriters, development, UX/UI... to build the best outcome.

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Period Dignity in low income households

According to Bloody Good Period, the average lifetime cost of having a period is £4,800. But it isn't just the cost that means people experience period poverty. What about lack of access to good quality products that meet your needs, what about having good education to understand how to best support yourself?

We know a lot about food poverty, fuel poverty and even data poverty, but how is period poverty affecting people on low income? And why do we as a society, not think of this as a major crisis in the same way we think about the rising levels of food banks?

As part of my role, I launched a trial of free period products for customers in partnership with TOTM and Cardiff Council. Over the 4 month trial we handed out over 150 packs of period products to those who requested them, no questions asked.

The trial led to some major changes across Cardiff, with the council rethinking the way they hand out their Period dignity funding, and other housing associations showing interest in running their own scheme.

If it's not our responsibility to make a change, then who is?

Read more about the project here. https://www.totm.com/period-equality-in-wales-hafod-totm/

Amy Richards

Reimagining Ageing

It is projected that by 2030, 33% of the Welsh population will be over the age of 60. We also know that only 2.4% of people over 65 live in a care home in Wales. We can only assume that the other 98% are either living alone, or relying on support from dom care, family members and neighbours as they age. 

So how do we support these people through old age, to keep their independence, feel connected to others, feel valued and happy in life?

Reimagining Ageing is about understanding how the people of today want to age well, so we can build better services fit for the future.


Amy Richards

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