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Amy Lowe
Cardiff | United Kingdom

User Centred Designer at PDR

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My interest lies in the creation of user experiences that are driven by in-depth user research. In all projects I do I always strive to overcome a challenge to form experiences, whether that be services or products, that users love and will improve their lives. For my degree show project I designed Hello Hospital; an interactive storyboard aiming to playfully introduce the child to their hospital experience which would aim to reduce their anxieties prior to admission. This educational tool would be used to positively impact their hospital experience by educating them on the different words they may hear, the people they will meet and the equipment they may see.

Amy Lowe
User Centred Designer

Amy’s interest in Service Design

For me, developing a service that considers all stakeholders and involves them throughout the design process is what provokes my interest. Using a variety of tools with the different individuals that all have impact, influence and involvement of the project is key to create a seamless service that considers all. A particularly memory for me as aiding in the facilitation of the 'Digital Health Institute: Revolutionising the outpatient experience' in Edinburgh. This saw the breaking down of the outpatient experience from the perspectives of all whether it be the Doctors, Nurses, Patients, Administrators and IT who were all brought together to understand how the service can change for all.

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