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Aleksi Valtonen
Helsinki | Finland


Aleksi Valtonen Elisa Oyj, Target Group Planner

I'm Aleksi and I'm a creative soul who is always looking for things to change. I founded service design in the start of the year 2022 and nothing has been the same after that. I'm working as a Target Group Planner in Telecommunications, but my heart goes to my own brand JeFuTyyppi. JeFuTyyppi is a sport brand that focus on American football in Finland from the fans perspective. I'm an introvert so it's sometimes hard for me to get to know new people, but when I do meet new people, I really enjoy it.

Hopefully SDN gives me opportunities to meet as much new people as possible. And hopefully the learning from service design never ends.

To me, service design means...

Possibility to make a change and also learn from things that are new to me.

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