About Albert Song Lian Lim

Albert Song Lian Lim
Singapore | Singapore

Albert has been working in the tertiary education sector since 1990. He is currently the Director of the School of Design at Nanyang Polytechnic, Singapore. http://www.nyp.edu.sg/schools/sdn.html

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Happy to connect and collaborate in student & staff exchange, project collaboration and research.

Albert is an Intrapreneur at heart and constantly championing new multidisciplinary areas such as XD that might lead to creation of new jobs.

Albert Song Lian Lim
Director, School of Design, Nanyang Polytechnic

Albert Song Lian’s interest in Service Design

Over the last few years, my school has done several industry service design projects for the Retail, Hospitality & healthcare industries. The demand for such services is in the raise and hence it is important for my school to be connected to the international network like SDN and to learn from best practices.

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