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Adam Haesler

Playing with software for 11 years; empathizing with users; and using a design mindset to create outstanding CX and EX that transforms the future for all!

Keen to connect with others from anywhere, but especially in Vancouver, BC!

About 6 months ago I began exploring what an ideal career role would look like for me. I created a 2-page document beginning with what I knew, which was a belief in the power of design thinking, a past of about 5 years in customer service on the front lines, and a touch of business analysis. I had been introduced to the concept of unifying brand experience across a company based on The Experience Economy by Pine and Gilmore, so I was aware of the idea of a Chief Experience Officer (CXO). Although, this left me with the question of who works with the CXO to make sure that the amazing brand experiences are designed properly? Or what would the role of a CXO in the making look like? Taking courses in User Experience Design with Interaction Design Foundation I met people who told me my vision sounded a lot like Service Designer. After a few hours of travelling around the internet, I stumbled on SDN and the rest is history!

To me, service design means...

For me, service design is a bit like oil. You can drive without it, but the experience will be poor and not last very long before the car starts to malfunction. The reason I use the analogy is two-fold: - It is important to remember that many organizations still do not know what service design, and we will need to sell it. - Many organizations still operate without a holistic, humanity/life/human-centred mindset, and if they do co-create it is often in the comfort of a leadership team. I look forward, and I am passionate to help, create a world where all companies believe in service design as much as they do in replacing the oil in their car.

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