About Adam Dzwonczyk

Adam Dzwonczyk
Sydney | Australia

I’m a Designer with a foundation in Industrial Design and a passion for solving problems.

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I work collaboratively with people, from start-up to corporate - government to non-for profit, I understand human behaviour, identify need and create solutions across digital products and systems - physical services and human interactions. Previously I’ve worked across travel, automotive, and energy sectors and most recently, have partnered with local and international clients (Australia Post, Australian Tax Office, Medibank, Telstra, Contiki, Tourism Australia) and created valuable and practical answers to complex problems.

Adam Dzwonczyk
Service Designer

Adam’s interest in Service Design

I believe design is a strong tool to fix problems. That recognising need is essential for great design and as a designer, I'm able to improve systems and services for the world. I get excited about Design Research and Strategy, Collaboration and Facilitation, Prototyping and Validation, System and Service Design

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