About Thaddeus Parsons

Thaddeus Parsons
LONDON | United Kingdom

A passionate proponent of user-centred design thinking, I am an experienced Service Designer with over twenty years digital media experience.

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I like to geek out on architecture and the urban environment as well as the user experience.

I'm a believer in understanding the bigger picture and joining the dots in innovative ways to enable organisations to better serve their customers. I've worked in digital, advertising and game design agencies and tech consultancies on projects in fashion, retail, education, entertainment, finance, manufacturing, health, air traffic control and government.

Thaddeus Parsons
Head of Service Design

Thaddeus’s interest in Service Design

I have a passion for elevating the user experience and am deeply interested in understanding the user, their frustrations, needs and desires and translating this into a service that meets those needs, the needs of the organisation and creates delight along the way. Curious about people and technology, I'm always looking to understand how they can best work together. My current interest is really piqued when thinking about how to build and maintain service design capability within organisations.

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